The Creativity Delusion: The way we view genius impacts our views on creation and originality. The third part in this video essay series discusses misconceptions about remix and real world implications.
Copy-Me is a webseries debunking the myths of copying: copyright, internet, creativity, and you as an artist. Our modern attitude toward creative work is a very weird way of understanding culture, expression and ideas. Copying is rooted into our very essence and this is where all creativity emerges from.
The webseries will try to assemble the most relevant information and make it accessible to everyone. The episodes will talk about copyright, public domain, originality, artists and how they can make money, digital copies and lot more! Our Indiegogo campaign has brought us half way to our initial goals and now we found Patreon to keep on going.
Everything will be concise, short, informative, and accessible to everyone.
It appeals both to copyright literates, as well as to those with no previous knowledge on these topics. Our biggest goal is to raise awareness and highlight our concerns regarding the copyright realities of today. We think these topics are extremely relevant and could use an update. We hope that, through educating the audience, our webseries will make a difference.
The EU wants a censorship machine for all your uploads. But they have no idea how upload filters work and how bad they already are. Creativity can’t be censored. #FixCopyright
Save Copyright Reform was a campaign for supporting an EU plan for copyright reform on You can read more about it here.
Our TEDx Talk about the status quo of copyright, what’s wrong with it, and how we can create fairer ways to share culture: for consumers, producers, and users alike.