Now, since our Indiegogo campaign is quickly drawing to a close, I feel the need to review our goals and maybe explain our strategy a bit better. After all, we’ve got 354 funders and over 144,000 visits since we’ve launched!

Why do this?

I started this whole project out of my own need to have this kind of videos online. I found myself hundreds of times explaining to someone something in the realms of copyright/authors/internet, and being generally frustrated by not having a quick video to explain better. After all, Youtube’s full of interesting, educational and well-documented materials! Just check out CGP Grey, Crash Course, Vsauce, MinutePhysics or Ted-Ed, just to name a few!

Still, on the copyright related issues, the very same issues that we each come across more and more each day, there’s basically just a number of “easy material”. And people generally don’t want to watch an hour and a half of people talking about complex issues they don’t feel important. Much less read books or studies. And that’s ok.

But I think the time has come to get out of our complex lawyery talk and address the problems people WANT to talk about. Make these issues important for everyone. Make people understand how these issues affect their daily lives as much as other world important issues. And yes, some very important steps have already been made! Steps that influenced me in a major way.

Things like “Copying is Not Theft” and “Everything is a Remix” to name a few. But there’s still a lot more ground to be covered. And I think there’s always room for more. So this is where Copy-me steps in. A webseries talking all the important issues that I feel should be said in short video form.
Which brings us to…

An Open project. But how open?

We’ve started from the very beginning with the need to just put this webseries out there. So, naturally, we’ve thought of making it as open as possible.

One way we’ve achieved this is releasing all our videos under a Creative Commons CC-BY license which basically let’s anyone do whatever they like with it, with no required permission. This way you can find our webseries on Youtube or Vimeo, but also on the Pirate Bay or Internet Archive. And you’re free to remix or upload it to any other platform you like.

Second of all, we’ve started an open subtitling forum, so anyone can contribute to spreading the knowledge. Our pilot now features 9 languages – and episode 1 is not far behind either!

Sadly, being a small team of four people (some with full-time jobs), this is the best we could do 🙂 Some of you suggested rethinking our campaign and involving the whole open-source community to create the webseries. This is an awesome idea and maybe we’ll do something by the lines of this in the future. But for now, it’s totally out of our reach. This webseries actually started as a very democratic project, but it quickly became apparent that people preferred to write a short critical e-mail here or there, than to constructively contribute to the project. This made the process very slow and a bit frustrating.

So I made the rational decision to have a small team that can deliver the webseries fast and at high quality. I understand that this solution has some obvious setbacks, but for now, it’s the best that we can manage.

I hope you can understand our limitations and, having said this, we promise to bring you the best possible episodes! Just to remind you, here’s our crowdfunding campaign and here’s our first two episodes 🙂
Thank you and wish us luck!