Ep. 2: “Copying = Stealing?” Released!




Script Edit & Naration: IOANA PELEHATĂI

Script & Animation: ALEX LUNGU

Bicycle by Henry Haolong Yin

Computer by Edward Boatman

Share by Simple Icons

Crowbar by Andreas Bjurenborg

Film-Reel by ana laura chavarria

Guitar by Christopher Terrill

Beach-Ball by Tim Piper

Document by Jamison Wieser

Infinity by Michael Pangilinan

Dala-Horse by Andreas Bjurenborg

Swordsman by Juan Pablo Bravo

Security-Camera by Oleg Fominyh

Our second installment is now live!

Episode number two is basically extending the talk about copying vs stealing. It’s been exactly 25 days since our last episode, and just like we promised, we give you “Episode 2: Copying = Stealing?”

Digital property is not a finite resource, and we think it shouldn’t be treated as such. A new copy isn’t taking anything from the initial owner, so maybe this kind of “property” shouldn’t be the same as the property of scarce resources.

Why make separate episodes for just these simple arguments?

Because they’re are basic introductory concepts that feel extremely important and need to be covered at length before heading into deeper waters. Later episodes will cover a lot more ground (& will be longer too), starting with a little bit of copyright history. Having already found out about the copying doctrine, and why it’s not wrong to copy anything, let’s now dig deeper and see if copying is some sort of stealing.

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