A Webseries about Copyright – Episode 1: Is Copying Wrong?


It Was Never About Money, Stupid – Rick Falkvinge
Not Wrong – Karl Fogel
Letter from Birmingham Jail – Martin Luther King



Script Edit & Naration: IOANA PELEHATĂI

Script & Animation: ALEX LUNGU

Some illustrations are derivative of icons from The Noun Project, under CC-BY:

Computer by Edward Boatman

Document by Jamison Wieser

Minus by Alex Auda Samora

Camera by MaJo Ox

Top-Hat by Luke Anthony Firth

Laptop by Theresa Berens

Share by Simple Icons

Monkey by Simon Child

Film-Reel by ana laura chavarria

Bicycle by Henry Haolong Yin

Book by Ben Rex Furneaux

Money by Nick Levesque

We are honored to announce that we’ve just released our first episode!

We’ve worked a lot of nights on our very first installment and we’re quite proud of the result. So, this is it: Episode 1 – “Is Copying Wrong?”. This first episode will try to ease the audience into the general tone and ideas we plan on pursuing, starting with one of the most widely encountered questions: Is copying wrong? Well, we think it isn’t. But let’s not spoil the episode just yet 🙂

We hope this episode will bring some light to these issues and maybe start a much needed constructive debate. So feel free to share, download, remix, upload, translate, or anything else you’d like. Go crazy. Our webseries is under a CC-BY license, so we just ask you to attribute us.

To celebrate our release, we’ve also made some awesome DISCOUNTS on our IndieGogo campaign! But don’t wait too long. The numbers are limited! There are t-shirts, posters, encrypted USB flash drives and even a 3D printed custom trophy! On top of that, we also offer a ton of digital incentives, from a file being saved from complete deletion, or a one minute animation, to even the entire source project of the series, to download and use! Help us make more videos and get tons of rewards in return!


Also, if you find our work important and/or relevant, we’d love your help making this webseries international! We rely on YOU to make subtitles for friends in your country, so more people can see the videos! To see how to do it and who’s working on what, please visit our Subtitle Forum.

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So here’s our first episode. There’s links to the streaming or download options you prefer, and also complete list of attributions and sources down the page. Enjoy!