Copying’s not what you think it is. It’s natural. It’s everyone’s. And it’s for free.

I’ve been struggling to make people aware of this for maybe three years now. Our modern attitude to copying is more about suppressing people’s need to copy and share than ever before. And we, the copy-me team, think it’s time to change that.

I’ve always had a vague interest in copyright/piracy, for as long as I’ve been on the Internet. Yet only after deciding on my college thesis did this thing begin to really gain importance. Sixty pages later and after a year’s work on my own short documentary, I thought I’d gotten all my demons out.

But the thing is… you can’t run away from something so dear to you. Because this thing is about a lot more than just copyright infringement. It’s about freedom, it’s about equality, it’s about rights and human nature. And this covers everything I believe in. Everything I want to fight for.

But what more could I do? I can’t write, I can’t draw and I sure can’t make a single second of music. All I’m good at is editing videos and making short animations.

So here’s where COPY-ME steps in.

We, the digital natives, loooove Youtube videos. Well, at least I know I do! But what I’m most thrilled about are educational videos like C.G.P. Grey, Minute Physics or Crash Course, who teach the world valuable and fun facts about science, biology, history and physics. I’m very grateful to them and what we’ve learned from their videos. But there’s one kind of web series that’s not been made yet:

A web series dedicated to debunking the myths of copying. A webseries which assembles the most relevant information and make it accessible to everyone. To the copyright literates, but also to those with no previous knowledge on the topic.

Coming to this realization was very exciting! There it was, a new video project waiting for me to get my hands dirty again! So, after a lot of theoretical and abstract talks with friends, we began assembling a team. And a year later, here we are!


Copy-me is an infographic-style web series stretched over eight short-and-sweet episodes. And we plan on talking about a lot of things. About fairness in the digital realm, about the importance of public domain, about artists making money without restricting anybody, a little bit of copyright history and much, much more. The plan is to release each episode about a month apart, so by the time the campaign ends, we’ll already have two live episodes!

Our objective is to make them as useful and instructive as possible. The most important thing for us is that people learn (and find out) about these issues. And visual information is a perfect medium to talk through! It’s very exciting and compelling – and it’s a lot more fun to share it with friends 🙂

And here’s a little demo of what it will look like:


All the videos will be free. And not just like in free beer.

The webseries will be live on Youtube and Vimeo, and you’ll also be able to download your own copy. More importantly, Copy-me will be licensed under a CC-BY license, which means that you’ll be able to redistribute, remix, and do whatever you like with the videos! We just ask you to attribute us.


We’ve got nothing to hide. And we’re big fans of open projects. So we’ll try to be as transparent as possible. All throughout the production process, we’ll be keeping you updated on our progress, talking to you and listening to your suggestions.

Moreover, we rely on you to make closed captioning for friends in your country, so more people can see the videos! We’ll provide the files and the knowledge for you to easily translate the English subtitles, so they can be downloaded and featured directly on Youtube & Vimeo. And will have your name on them!


Making all this happen takes a lot of time and effort. We’re not whining about it, because we do it out of love. But we do try to work as hard as possible and make the best videos we possibly can. And that gives us very little time for other things. So we’re relying on your help to share Copy-me with the world.

We’re getting ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign for our project.  If you like what we’re trying to accomplish and want more quality videos, we’d greatly appreciate your support when this is launched. And you should know you’re in for a nice treat! They’ll be custom designed posters, funky looking T-shirts, encrypted USB flash drives, and even the entire source project for you to download.

The hardest part

Our biggest challenge, from my point of view, was writing the first episode. It’s really hard to construct the best structure and the best wording possible to say everything you want to say – in this limited amount of time. And that takes a lot of effort, careful tinkering, and A LOT of re-writing.

What we didn’t expect to be so hard was setting the crowdfunding goals and finding distributors and services for all the goodies we’d like to send to people. This is basically why we’ve not launched yet 🙂

So what do you think?

Remember, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Got any other interesting topics you’d like to see discussed? Got any interesting articles you want us to look at? Want to be part of the whole things? Please comment bellow!

And for a more detailed look on the webseries, you can visit our astonishingly awesome WEBSERIES PAGE.

And don’t forget to check in every once in a while. We’ve also got articles and a crap load of interesting stuff in our Resources Section. But until we get every single detail ready, here’s some screenshots to get you all warmed up!