copying is a ritual

This is what people usually shout out on the interwebs, so here’s us shouting our brains out. Hello!

WHY copy-me?

Because copying is not what you think it is.
Ctrl+C is the only thing standing between you and a new copy. Copying is a ritual.

We believe copying has greatly improved our life and culture and we stand to defend it. We cherish and applaud it, and we encourage you to copy us.

WHAT is copy-me?

Copy-me is a PLATFORM about the sharing of knowledge and culture. About laws, myths and misconceptions, about the Internet and the wide spread of information and, of course, about all the benefits of sharing.

But unlike other sites, we will not focus on one single aspect, but rather try to expand on those issues as much as possible. We will talk, write, draw, make videos, organize events, animate, and sing about everything related to sharing.

All the content here will be under free license, so that anybody can use and share the information in any way he/she sees fit, without any sort of restriction.

What about the web series?

Copy-me is also the title of a BRAND NEW animated web series, dedicated to debunking the myths of online copying. The series will consist of several 2D animated episodes, each dealing with a different argument as to what is fair and what is not in the digital realm – and as to the big difference between copying something and actually stealing it. It will be neatly structured, with simple, yet comprehensive arguments anyone can understand.

It’s an exercise in learning what’s going on in the world, if you will. It is also a free and open project, with a free license to download, stream, redistribute, broadcast or remix.

Just keep watching us :)

How can I help?

While we work on the animations, the website will be permanently open for contributors who can add value to the discussion. New works are always welcome!
If you have something to say about copyright, net neutrality, surveillance, software, spam, hacking, privacy, politics, laws or anything in between, don’t be shy to contact us. If you’ve made a song, drawn a picture or made a short video, be sure we will find time to feature it. Free culture is what we are most fond of, and we encourage a relaxed debate on a wide variety of subjects.

We can get in touch right here!

We believe culture and knowledge should be spread freely.

This is how new ideas are born and this is how society evolves as a whole.
Help us reframe the way people think about copying and set knowledge free!