Help Translate The Webseries


Want to help us out with the webseries? Here’s one way of doing this.

We rely on YOU to make subtitles for friends in your country, so more people can see the videos. We provide the files and the know-how for you to easily translate the English subtitles, so they’ll be featured directly on Youtube & Vimeo, or downloaded separately from the Internet Archive or The Pirate Bay.

And of course, they’ll have your name on them! We’d love your help making this webseries international!

Open Subtitles

Everything is open and anyone is free to contribute in his/her own rhythm and spare time. It’s the same way we work on the animations. The point is for the translations to exist, not for them to be up the very next day.

There’s no time limit or restrictions.

We make English subtitles available soon after we launch each episode and anyone is free to take it from there! Timecodes will be already included, so all you’ll have to do is translate the lines in your language and not worry about synchronization issues.

Youtube’s contributor subtitling isn’t available yet, so we use Amara instead. What that helps us do is keeping everything open. Anybody can see what subtitles already exist and who’s working on them; and can edit any one of them right then and there.

There isn’t a crew behind this, just people who are willing to help out.

Want to contribute? Take a look at what we’ve got.

Available Subtitles

We currently have 4 episodes + a pilot online.

If you want to help translate them to your language, you should first visit our quick tutorial before getting started. People working on translations will be also announced below.

Thank you!

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people that helped us with the translations. We are very grateful for all your help. A big thank you to all!

Copy-me Pilot

  1. Catalan: Enric Jofre
  2. Croatian: Stjepan Treger
  3. Dutch: Jurgen van Rijnsbergen
  4. Finnish: Olli Paakkola
  5. French: Pierre-Henri
  6. Greek: Pirate Party – Greece
  7. Portuguese (Brazil): Lucas B. Lança
  8. Romanian: Copy-Me
  9. Spanish: Enric Jofre

Ep. 1: Is Copying Wrong?

  1. Finnish: Olli Paakkola
  2. French: Pierre-Henri Basin
  3. Greek: Emilia Givropoulou
  4. Italian: nilocram
  5. Polish: Adam Busch
  6. Portuguese (Brazil): Lucas B. Lança
  7. Romanian: Copy-Me
  8. Russian: dzatochnik
  9. Spanish: Lucano Vera

Ep. 2: Copying = Stealing?

  1. Finnish: Olli Paakkola
  2. Greek: Antonis Triantafyllakis
  3. Polish: Adam Busch
  4. Portuguese (Brazil): Julian Neuer
  5. Romanian: Copy-Me
  6. Russian: dzatochnik
  7. Spanish: Carlos Castillo

Ep. 3: Early Copyright History

  1. French: Karin Delia
  2. Greek: Pirate Party – Greece
  3. Portuguese (Brazil): Ogat Ramastef
  4. Romanian: Copy-Me
  5. Spanish: Carlos Castillo

Ep. 4: Piracy

  1. Greek: Aimilia Givropoulou
  2. Portuguese(Brazil): Ogat “Thiago Spinardi” [part 2 pending]