While we work on the animations, the website is permanently open for contributors who can add value to the discussion. New works are always welcome!

If you have something to say about copyright, creativity, originality, net neutrality, piracy or anything in between, don’t be shy to contact us. If you made a song, drew a picture or made a short video on these issues, be sure we will find time to feature it. Free and open culture is what we are most fond of, and we encourage a relaxed debate on a wide variety of subjects.

We can get in touch right here: editor [at] copy-me .org


If you find our work important and/or relevant, we’d love your help making this webseries international!

We rely on YOU to make subtitles for friends in your country, so more people can see the videos. And of course, they’ll have your name on them! Just go to the video on Youtube, click the more button underneath the video, and go to “Add translations”. It will be straightforward from there. Thank you!