Creativity Means Copying: Edison, Ford, Jobs – They All Did It

Apple borrowed from Xerox, Ford combined existing technology and Edison improved on existing lightbulbs. Magic and myth are not part of creation. We always...

How Copyright Always Takes the Industry’s Side

When there's talks of actually changing copyright for the better, the industry's side is always the one that's listened to, as if the industry...

Music Has Always Been a Remix

Led Zeppelin were master remixers. And they're not alone. Remix is what is most produced by the entertainment industry. And that's OK. Everything is...

John Oliver Explains Surveillance

John Oliver needs no introduction. And if you ever wondered about how much data unregulated government surveillance programs collect... well here's a short intro.

David Lynch’s Surrealist Inspirations

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How Piracy Built Hollywood. Yes, Piracy.

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The Irony of Disney Forever Owning Remixed Stuff

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Star Wars’ Pod Race Inspired by Ben-Hur’s Chariot Race

The camera work of new movies is always inspired by older ones. As the pod race is a direct reference to the chariot race....

Encryption 101 with John Oliver

Everything you do online is protected using encryption. And making a deliberate backdoor for the government to get in means everyone else can exploit...

How To Be a Dick & Sue Every “Parental Plagiarist”

Got a parental trick and you're annoyed that someone else is using it? The Onion presents a parody video on how to patent parenting tricks...