copyCopy-me is a PLATFORM about the sharing of knowledge and culture. About laws, myths and misconceptions, about the Internet and the wide spread of information and, of course, about all the benefits of sharing.

All the content here is under a free license, so that anybody can use and share the information in any way he/she sees fit, without any sort of restriction.


The website is permanently open for contributors who can add value to the discussion. Do you have a text, a video, an illustration?

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avatarMargareta Mârza

Marga came up with the concept of the Short Copy – on which she worked for a year, but now only works on developing the Resources Section.

avatarValentin Brutaru

Valentin is new around and started work where Marga left off: our wonderful Short Copy.

avatarAlex Lungu

Alex is the founder of Copy-me and deals with the website on a daily basis. He devotes most of his spare time to the webseries.


web seriesCopy-me is also the title of our animated web series, dedicated to debunking the myths of copying: copyright, internet, creativity, and you as an artist!

Our crowdfunded series consists of several 2D animated episodes, each dealing with a different argument as to what is fair and what is not in the digital realm – and as to the big difference between copying something and actually stealing it. It will be neatly structured, with simple, yet comprehensive arguments anyone can understand.

It’s an exercise in learning what’s going on in the world, if you will. It is also a free and open project, with a free license to download, stream, redistribute, broadcast or remix. Just keep watching us 🙂

The webseries team:

Liviu Bărbulescu, Ștefan Teodorescu, Ioana Pelehatăi and Alex Lungu.


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