Our Indiegogo web series campaign is finally up and running!

We’ve put a lot of effort into this and we’re extremely excited that the project is on it’s way. We’re on our way to making Copy-me the first crowdfunded webseries on copyright – and we’re already gathering momentum! It’s already 3% founded at the time I’m writing this. Just… wow! I was so caught up in spreading the word and working on the episodes that I didn’t have time to write something on our site, even though the campaign has launched on the 4th of April. But I hope this isn’t too late either.

So this is Copy-me! We believe it’s the world’s first ever webseries about copyright, copying and open culture. There were of course other great projects that talked about these issues (Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson and Copying is Not Theft from Nina Paley) which we LOVE and greatly admire – and kinda know by heart *giggle* … We stand on the shoulders of giants, don’t we? 🙂

But what we’re trying to accomplish is bringing the knowledge closer to the people. Extending the talk where the others left off. Our goal is to help raise awareness on current copyright issues. That means making short, informative, and comprehensive videos on what people usually talk about. Is copying a file fair? Is copyright hurting anyone? Is the public domain a good thing?

I’m sure a lot of people are asking themselves these very issues and we’re just trying to close this knowledge gap. After all, we’ve asked ourselves these very questions a million times! Have we got to a conclusion? Well, you’ll just have to wait for the episodes 😀

Our 2D animated web series is going to talk about originality, public domain, digital copies, fair use, artists and how they can make money, and lots more. It will be in an infographic form and span in eight short-and-sweet episodes that will deal with our modern attitude to copying. There’s four of us on the team, with backgrounds in film, online content, and cultural promotion, and we’ve been working on this project for a year now!

Excited about the first crowdfunded web series on copyright yet?

Well, as I told you in our previous article, we were preparing some awesome perks for you. Now the time has finally come to go get your hands on them! The IndieGogo web series campaign comes with a lot of custom-designed, one of a kind, tangible perks! There are t-shirts, posters, encrypted USB flash drives and even a 3D printed custom trophy! On top of that, we also offer a ton of digital incentives, from a file being saved from complete deletion, or a one minute animation, to even the entire source project of the series, to download and use! So what are you waiting for? Go and pledge for your favorite perk and help us make this crazy webseries!


We hope the campaign is going to make a difference, by educating, prompting debates, and encouraging reforms of the existing legislation and attitudes on copyright and copying.

Wish us luck and spread the word!

  • Felix

    23900 euro to produce 8 clips? I think it’s a bit of a scam.

    • Alex Lungu

      Hello Felix.
      We’ve written a small chapter entitled “What will your donations pay for” on our Indiegogo campaign, just for questions like this: – you have to scroll past the photos with the perks.

      That money doesn’t ALL go into production, as credit fees take 10-15% off the top, and about HALF of the rest goes into paying all the printing and shipping services for the goodies we ship to our contributors.

      So, if we reach our goal, we will get about 10.000 Euros that will pay for eight episodes. That means a mere 1350E per episode. And that’s the amount we’ll get if we reach our goal. If not, we’ll get much less.

      Does that sound like a fair amount?

  • Ionut

    So… you’re asking for money to create a webseries about how wrong it is to ask others to pay for what you create? Shouldn’t you do it for free?

    • Alex Lungu

      Not really, Ionut.

      We’re not saying it’s wrong to ASK people to pay.
      We’re saying it’s wrong to MAKE people pay.

      I think Amanda Palmer will explain it better than me:

  • Bogdan Mandru

    copy”rights” are actually one of the main barriers in human progress – just think about it!

    if “creators” would publish their work totally free with only their signature on – all those who appreciate their work will reward them – it’s human nature to gift some1 who you appreciate as many anthropologist studies have shown again and again

    the world of the 21’st century will evolve this way – no1 will even think about paying upfront for a bad movie rather than donating for something that they seen and appreciated – therefor i suggest you to rethink about this campaign and rather than calling for a fundraising [ which is a good idea – and I congratulate you for getting this far!] try gathering and involving the whole open-source community who already stand by this “rethinking” the copy”rights” concepts